‘Mamma Mia!’ Debuts Well in Second

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This past weekend was also the best overall weekend at the box office. Over $250 million was spent on all movies over the weekend. The Dark Knight contributed to most of that, but the counter programming options also performed very well. Mamma Mia! debuted to $27.8 million from 2,976 theaters over the weekend and nearly $45 million by the end of the week. Both numbers barely edge out last year’s Hairspray as the biggest musical debut ever. Hairspray enjoyed a very leggy run, finishing with $118.9 million giving it a strong 4.33 multiplier (total divided by opening weekend).

In third place, Hancock added another $14 million and fell 56% in its third weekend, which is a decent hold considering the level of competition. Will Smith’s latest Juggernaut has collected $198 million in 23 days and is poised to finish with about $220 million or so.

Journey to the Center of the Earth posted the best hold among all wide release holdovers dropping 41%. It has collected $43.5 million after two weekends and $50.7 million after two full weeks. A solid total north of $75 million should result and more significantly could convince more theaters to convert some of their screens into the 3D digital format.

In fifth place, Hellboy II: The Golden Army took a major hit from Batman crashing 71% with $10.1 million during its sophomore weekend. That is one of the worst second weekend declines by a number one film in history. The strong reviews can’t really explain it, but the level of competition certainly can. Universal, the film’s distributor, could have picked a less threatening release date, such as the second weekend of August, which currently only has comedies slated to open and then little direct competition the rest of the summer. The summer weekdays and the overall box office are still usually strong around that time. Still, the $60.9 million two week total is already higher than the first Hellboy‘s entire total.

Wall-E continued to drop at an unusually fast pace for a Pixar film. It dropped 46% with its $10.1 million fourth weekend tally. With $189 million after 4 full weeks, it has now fallen behind the pace of Cars, but is still about 10% ahead of Ratatouille at the same point in their runs. Wall-E is performing more like a date or science fiction movie rather than a family film. A $220 million total is likely for the animated robot giving it a decent 3.5 multiplier.

Space Chimps opened in seventh place to a weak $7.2 million and $11.5 million from 2,511 theaters representing one of the lowest debuts on record for a computer animated film. Wanted dropped 58% for $5.1 million and has gunned down $125.9 million after 4 weeks. A solid $135 million total should result with plans for a sequel already rumored.

In ninth place, Get Smart continues to perform well declining just 43% for a five week running total $121.9 million. Kung Fu Panda was the final film in the top ten with $1.9 million, falling a steep 58%, although it lost more than half of its screens this weekend. Its $207.9 million six week running tally is the highest from an animated film this year.

Outside of the top 10, Meet Dave has faded quickly with just $10.5 million after two full weeks. The Eddie Murphy comedy’s only consolation is that it will finish higher than the actor’s other major sci-fi flop from this decade, The Adventures of Pluto Nash.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull continued to inch closer to Iron Man to become the highest grossing film of the year. However, The Dark Knight should easily pass up Iron Man before Indy does.

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan lost nearly three-quarters of its theaters this past weekend, falling out of wide release in the process, and has only collected $97.7 million to date. Unless there is a major push by Sony, the film’s studio, this will become Adam Sandler’s first major comedy in a decade to fail to cross $100 million.

This weekend, Step Brothers and The X-Files: I Want to Believe will try to take away some of the repeat business from The Dark Knight. Both releases combined will likely yield less than what the Caped Crusader will make out with in its second weekend.

Weekend Box Office for 7/18/2008
Dark Knight, The $158,411,483
Mamma Mia! $27,751,240
Hancock $14,040,178
Journey 3-D $12,340,435
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army $10,117,815
Source: The Numbers – Movie Box Office

Box office data source: The Numbers


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