‘Brothers’ a ‘Step’ Ahead of ‘X-Files’ on Opening Day

Step Brothers easily won the battle on Friday between the two new openers. Step Brothers made an estimated $11.2 million on Friday, according to The Numbers, and that will likely translate to about $30-$31 million for the weekend, depending on how accurate the Friday estimate is. The X-Files: I Want to Believe had a miserable opening day, grossing an estimated $4.8 million. Normally, a fanboy film like, especially one based off a television series, sees a sizable drop on Saturday. The good news for the latest X-Files film is that the film looks to be drawing in a mainly older demographic so a Saturday rise is possible. Still, at best, X-Files 2 will only manage a $13-$13.5 million opening weekend, which is less than half of the first X Files.

Meanwhile, The Dark Knight continues its amazing run. It added another $23.4 million on Friday, which should translate to a $77 million second weekend and $316 million running tally. This will set records for largest second weekend and the fastest film to break $300 million, beating Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest to the milestone by nearly a week.

Full analysis to come on Sunday when official weekend estimates are released.

Box Office Data Source: The Numbers


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  2. […] ‘Brothers’ a ‘Step’ Ahead of ‘X-Files’ on Opening Day […]

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