‘The Dark Knight’ Fends off ‘The Mummy 3’

Despite a decent opening, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor wasn’t able to dethrone The Dark Knight over the weekend. Elsewhere, Swing Vote misfired with a opening outside of the top five. The overall box office fell behind last summer’s pace when The Bourne Ultimatum opened to $69.3 million setting the record for the biggest August opening.

The Dark Knight defied industry expectations and my own prediction that pegged Batman playing second fiddle to The Mummy 3. It’s the first film to stay on top for three consecutive weekends this year. Over the weekend, Knight collected an estimated $43.8 million, dipping only 42% and lifting its total to a gigantic $394.9 million in only 17 days. That tally now puts it at eighth among the top grossing films of all time sitting just behind Spider-Man. It’s on pace to become the fastest film to $400 million on Monday or Tuesday.

Dark Knight was second on Friday with $12.7 million, but the film rose a massive 37% on Saturday with $17.4 million, reclaiming its number one position in the process. It’s projected to fall 21% on Sunday with $13.7 million.

The latest Batman film continues to outperform to Dead Man’s Chest model. The second Pirates film fell 44% versus the 42% Knight fell during each of their third weekends. Knight‘s current multiplier (total divided by opening weekend) of 2.49 is quite a bit higher than Dead Man’s Chest‘s multiplier of 2.37 obtained through the same point during its run. Chest finished with a 3.12 multiplier so if Knight continues to slightly outperform it, then a 3.3 multiplier or higher could result, which would be more than enough to allow Batman to swoop past $500 million. Even topping Titanic‘s $600 million record breaking run is still a slight possibility, especially if the drops continue to flatten.

The Mummy 3 may have finished first on Friday with $15.4 million, but the film fell to second place on Saturday with $14.8 million, dropping 4%. The film is projected to fall 17% on Sunday to $12.3 million. This gives it an estimated opening weekend of $42.5 million, which is on par with the The Scorpion King when adjusted for inflation but below the openings of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. A strong third frame from The Dark Knight likely cut into The Mummy 3‘s potential. Still, the film should easily top $100 million, especially with minimal competition the rest of the summer.

Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Domestically, the film may have disappointed, but the addition of international superstar Jet Li led the film to massive openings overseas. More >>

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Box Office Data Source: The Numbers


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  1. […] ‘The Dark Knight’ Fends off ‘The Mummy 3′ […]

  2. […] ‘The Dark Knight’ Fends off ‘The Mummy 3′ […]

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