‘Dark Knight’ Tops $400M on Monday

Early figures show The Dark Knight crossing $400 million on Monday, barely. The $6.28 million Monday tally puts its total at $400.031 million. The 18 days it took Knight to reach $400 million decimated the old record of 43 days set by Shrek 2. Now the question remains: Can it become the fastest to $500 million? Titanic is the only film to ever cross a half a billion, and it did so in 98 days. It’s still a little bit too far off to tell, but there is definitely a possibility of breaking that record.

UPDATE: It’s official. Warner Brothers has confirmed that The Dark Knight made $6.3 million Monday, enough to top $400 million.

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Box Office Data Source: The Numbers


2 Responses

  1. It will certainly cross the $500M mark. $400M in 18 days? That is unreal. It’s just the $600M mark I;m not certain of.

    I see it playing in theaters at least until the end of Sept. I mean why not? Iron Man played all summer. According to Box Office Mojo it’s had 94 days in release…and made another half mill this weekend, in its 13th week.

    What might help it get to $600M is if the studio brings it back for 4-6 weeks at the beginning of 2009 if Heath Ledger is nominated for an Oscar. Also when it breaks $500M there might be a serious push of geeks online campaigning to get TDK to beat Titanic.

    And keep in mine its only competition this weekend is Pineapple Express. So that will be 4 weeks at number one. I can’t recall the last move that did that.I m watched Movies Here http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com

  2. A long-lasting IMAX run can’t hurt either. Even after most theaters drop it, the film will likely still be in IMAX for several months after that.

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