‘Transformers 2’ Tops $200 Million in 5 Days

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen continued to dominate the market over the weekend after a stellar Wednesday and Thursday. The sci-fi blockbuster attacked 4,234 theaters collecting $109 million domestically from Friday-to-Sunday, which was down a bit from Paramount‘s $112 million estimate on Sunday. Still, that was just enough to become the second film ever to top $200 million in five days, although The Dark Knight wins the tiebreaker since its total was slightly higher after its fifth day with $203.8 million versus $200.1 million for the Michael Bay directed film.

At first glance, the numbers don’t quite add up as they should. After all, the weekend actuals were off by $3 million, yet the five day total is down only $1.1 million. That’s because, in an unorthodox move, Paramount revised the Wednesday and Thursday numbers upwards from $60.6 to $62 million for Wednesday and $28.6 to $29.1 million for Thursday. Unlike the Friday-to-Sunday numbers, the Wednesday and Thursday tallies were already official numbers. One has to wonder where the extra $1.9 million is coming from, which conveniently was just enough to push Transformers 2 above $200 million. Regardless, this debut is extraordinary and rocketed beyond the already lofty industry expectations. This opening significantly built upon the first Transformers‘ launch of $155.4 million over six and a half days after launching on a Monday at 7 pm to take full advantage of the Independence Day holiday. The total eventually reached $319.2 million. This sequel looks to easily top $350 million and possibly even $400 million.

Here is a rundown of the major records and milestones that Transformers 2 has set:

Highest Wednesday gross ($62M) topping Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Highest non-opening Thursday ($29.1M) topping Spider-Man 2
Highest non-opening Friday ($36.7M) topping Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
Largest June opening weekend ($109M) topping Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Largest opening of the year topping X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Largest Wednesday-Sunday tally ($200.1M) topping Spider-Man 2
Second largest 5-day debut ever behind The Dark Knight
Second largest overall opening day behind The Dark Knight
Third largest midnight debut ($16 million)
Largest and widest IMAX debut eclipsing Star Trek

UPDATE: The Numbers is reporting the reasoning behind Paramount’s sudden revisal in Transformers 2’s numbers on Wednesday and Thursday is because of late reports from IMAX and a sizable amount of theaters in Puerto Rico.

Box Office Data Sources: Box Office Mojo and The Numbers

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‘Transformers 2’ $28 Million Thursday

UPDATE: Variety is reporting an official Thursday gross of $28.6 million and $89.3 million including Wednesday. $115 million is looking more likely over the weekend.


Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting an early estimate of $28 million for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on Thursday. Excluding opening days, that figure stands as the biggest Thursday on record. Even more impressive is that the 54% decline from Wednesday was better than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix‘s 58% descent on its first Thursday. Order of the Phoenix was the previous record holder for the largest Wednesday opening before the Michael Bay directed film topped it.

After two days, Transformers 2 has captured nearly $89 million in just two days and is in position to take in an additional $110-115 million over the weekend. This is close enough to contend with The Dark Knight for the largest five-day start in history. The Dark Knight opened on a Friday last July and by the end of Tuesday, its fifth day, the comic book sequel racked up $203.8 million.

Box Office Data Sources: Box Office Mojo and The Numbers

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‘Transformers 2’ Smashes Wednesday Record

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is no longer the record holder for the largest Wednesday opening of all time. That’s because Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen racked up a smashing $60.6 million opening day (including $16 million from Tuesday midnights). That’s a full 37% above Order of the Phoenix‘s opening Wednesday.

Paramount Studios picked an excellent release date by taking advantage of a summer market that is currently being dominated by comedies and hasn’t seen an action blockbuster since Terminator Salvation launched over a month ago. Credit also goes to the original Transformers which was generally well-received by moviegoers in 2007 and then expanded its audience with a very lucrative home market run.

Where Transformers 2 goes from here largely depends on its Thursday performance. Looking at other similar Wednesday blockbusters points to a Wed-to-Thurs drop-off of anywhere between 50-65%. Order of the Phoenix, for example, dropped 58% on Thursday after a very similar midnight to opening day ratio as Transformers 2. If the Michael Bay helmed film follows the same pattern, then Thursday would chime in with about $25 million followed by $105 million over the weekend. That would be a five day start of $190 million, which is not far behind The Dark Knight‘s pace. If Thursday is even just a million or two higher, then that record may fall to this sci-fi action film as well.

The Harry Potter franchise does have a chance to swipe the record right back with the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Wednesday, July 15.

Box Office Data Sources: Box Office Mojo and The Numbers

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