Earth Gives Cool Reception to ‘Day’

The Day the Earth Stood Still, Keanu Reeves’ latest sci-fi film, posted a  disappointing opening week. It’s $30.5 million weekend bow from a mega-wide 3,560 theaters was enough for first place, but it was well below the record-setting $77.2 million debut from the Will Smith driven sci-fi, I Am Legend, from the same time last year. The underwhelming performance of Day caps off one of the worst years in 20th Century Fox’s long history, which includes a seemingly endless stream of duds. Even worse for Day is its weekday numbers, which have been fairly poor, even compared to its already lackluster opening. As of Wednesday, the total stands at $36.7 million. The good news is that films opening in December normally have better than average legs because of the holidays so a $100 million US total is certainly possible. The $80 million production budget is also fairly low for a tentpole release so profitability could still be in its future, eventually.

The other two wide release openers faired even worse. There wasn’t much Christmas cheer for Nothing Like the Holidays, which could not attract much of its Latino-targeted audience with $3.5 million and 7th place from 1,671 theaters for a poor $2,114 per theater average. It’s 6 day total is $4.4 million. Even with Xmas around the corner, the future is not very bright for the Overture Films production.

That performance feels absoultely gargantuan, though, compared to Delgo. The computer animation from rookie distributor Freestyle, opened in 18th with a pathetic $511,920 from 2,160 theaters. The per theater average of $237 is by far the lowest ever for a film debuting in over 1,000 theaters. Delgo has collected a meager $642,069 in 6 days, which is less than what award season contender, Doubt, has earned in its first 6 days, despite Delgo playing in over 100 times the number of screens.

Box Office Data Source: The Numbers

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